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Our Name

Spring houses served as a practical and  elegant way of

solving the problem of how to extend the usefulness of the food

grown and prepared on the farm, before electricity was common. 

Spring houses were small structures, built over a spring to

make use of the natural cooling of the running water—

ground water runs about 56°F (13°C).

The name was chosen in part to celebrate the spirit and genius of

our ancestor-family farmers.


In addition, the name evokes a happy childhood memory of being chosen to go the spring house to get the butter for dinner.

Feeling the soft cool air on the face as the door was opened~

Stepping carefully on the flat stones to cross the gently bubbling water,

without getting shoes wet~

Reaching for the oil-cloth wrapped butter from the rock ledge~

Holding it carefully while balancing on the stepping stones back across the spring~ 

Leaving the dim light to return to bright sun ~

Running up to the house with the welcome addition to the meal~

Basking in the the praise for a job well done.

We regret to inform you that Peggy Beals, RN

passed away August 13, 2023

Margaret "Peggy" C. Beals Obituary

Spring House Press

was incorporated to publish new material


bring existing books and documents together as a resource for readers

who are

interested in supporting fresh dairy farms and their products.  

Our Motto

~ Promoting Family Farms & Fresh Milk ~  

Our Goal

is to provide information about the importance of family farms as they

represent an economical, balanced ‘way of life’.


And how to obtain and use wholesome food

for themselves and their families.